Plastic Egg Transport Basket
Plastic Egg Transport Basket

Plastic Egg Transport Basket

Model NO.


1.  Raw material: PP
2.  overall dimension:330×330×400mm 
3. Color: general color is white. Color customized available if the order quantity reaches to 500 sets per color.
4. Using for chicken egg and duck egg transportation or breeding plant egg collection.
5.  Package way: in a stackable way.


The plastic poultry eggs transport crate /cage is used for chicken, duck egg transportation, or breeding plant egg collection and turn over. The raw material for our products is non-poisonous and tasteless. It is a high strength, good toughness, strong rigidity, and hot resisting, cold resisting, etc. It also can resist acid, alkali, and organic solvent, etc. The plastic poultry eggs transport crate/cage can be stackable when you do not use it. It can save more space for you. It can be used together with egg trays and chicken egg pass box shelf. It can reduce egg breakage rate and cost also improve the work rate.

Product features
Unique interlocking design assures firm, secure stacking of baskets.
Straight sidewall makes it easy to pack eggs without fear of breakage.
Designed for maximum air circulation to enhance the rapid reduction of egg temperatures in all coolers.
Superior to wire and other plastic baskets and does not feature moving parts.
Egg Baskets can accommodate 7 units of the 30 eggs capacity crates as well as smaller conventional sizes.
Baskets are easily converted from stacked to the nested position by turning them 180 degrees.
Clearly marked serrated edge indicates proper basket alignment for stacking and nesting.
2:1 nesting ratio permits efficient use of warehouse and delivery-truck space.
This crate also features smooth surfaces that make nesting and de-nesting easy. HDPE withstands repeated washings and is resistant to detergents and disinfectants.

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